Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holiday Weekend, Some Planting and Various Random Things to Share

Hubs and I were both busy this weekend,  doing our own chores and helping each other with a few projects.  A couple of months ago hubs went to an auction and won a bid on this old tool tote full of clamps.
I talked him out of the tool tote and used it as a planter.
Hubs added this shelf to the side of the hen house for me.  I actually envisioned it much longer but it works at breaking up the side that does not have any windows and that is what I was asking for.  I might hang a couple more things on this side of the building before the end of the summer.  I'll keep my eyes opened for just the right things.
Another project hubs helped me with was to put these two pieces of re-bar into the ground so that I could build these tipsy pot towers.
If you would like to build some for yourself you can find the instructions here.
We dog sat for my mom-in-love's dog this weekend while she and father-in-love  took a trip to Texas to visit their daughter.  Meet Reggie:
I will say his favorite thing to do while he was here was to chase sticks and swim in the back pond.
He is some sort of cattle dog and he is older so he did not want to be bothered by our Bug.  This is where Ladybug spent a lot of time waiting because she will not jump in.
And this is what they looked like after drying out.

Along with quite a few other projects that I worked on I also went to a local flea market with my best-est friend Kris for a couple of hours.  Besides some Amish honey, cheese and chocolate peanut butter bars the only object I had to have was this egg basket.  If my chicken raising buddy Kim is reading, check it out!
In two or three more months I should be able to show it to you again filled with eggs!  All in all it was a busy and productive weekend which included giving thanks to God for the solders that have lost their lives for our freedom.  As always, thanks for coming by and many blessings!


Holly said...

Love your shelf!!! Nice of hubby to share! I see some large, galvanized tubs hanging on a coop near you!!!
Can't wait to see those eggs!!

Linda said...

That tool tote made a great planter and looks great on the side of your
hen house. I think you need one of those big ole Texas stars on the side now!!

fuzziekit said...

I love the tipsy pots... might have to figure out how to do those for the front of the town house. It would be really cool in my mind at least.

Doggies are so cute when they splash in after sticks. My little doggy loved swimming.. always jumped in after us at the pond because she thought we were drowning.

mrs. c said...

Girl, when do you sleep!! You got so much done this weekend! I love the shelf and it will be fun to find things for your wall...I am thinking something "metal". Your tipsy pots are adorable! It would be so cute to put different herbs in them. you are so clever!

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

What a wonderful weekend - I adore the shelf with your plants and the egg basket is just the perfect item for you to find.


Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Brenda, so glad you came by. You did good with the tool carrier. Love it on your red building! Your little chicks from a few posts back are just the cutest!
I have something packed up and ready to send to you, so I hope to get it in the mail sometime this week. I haven't forgotten you! I've been collecting a few things for you these last several months.
Good to hear from you,

Deborah Jeans Dandelion House ~ inspired living said...

What fun projects you and your hubs did! Love your red hen house and the shelf looks great! I'm working on a few creative recycling garden posts over at Dandelion House too! Pop over sometime and take a peak!

Dandelion Wishes,

Deborah Ann said...

Whoa, the creative juices are a flowin! Love your shelf, and the rooster. And especially those crooked pots!

Our old springer Otis used to be the one to bother all the dogs that came to visit us, but now he just wants to be left alone. It's interesting to see the changes. And sad. Poor old boy...

Andrea said...

Gorgeous hen house! We just got ours finished and are doing the same waiting game for eggs. I love how you repurposed the tool tote.