Friday, April 30, 2010

Days Three and Four

They look as though I sent them to the corner.

Belly up!

I know, I am sure you will get tired of seeing chicks.  It's just they are really what I am focusing on right now.
Poor Ladybug, I have not pointed the camera at her for days.  We started out with 15 but we are down to 14 because one was not acting quite right from the first day and she did not make it through yesterday evening.  I was a very sad for a few hours.  I received a lot of good suggestions from my daughter and from Jayme at Tales from the Coop Keeper , but she just was to little and would not bounce back.  As you can see the rest are growing and they are taking flying leaps and landing on each other like those crazy wrestlers on TV do.  They crack me up!

Thanks for coming by and checking out what is hopping and peeping in my neck of the woods.  Have a great evening!


Bee Lady said...

Oh my gosh. I've been so busy with bees this week, and downloading pictures to my blogspot (still on dial-up {sigh}) that I didn't get to check other blogs until now. Look at you. A chick person and you didn't tell me! I LOVE IT! We had to buy two cartons of eggs from the store this year and hated it. Our neighbor by our farm raises chicks and we get all of our eggs from him. SOOO GOOD! And Tybee Island! Went there three years ago and stayed for a few days. Loved it. We spent part of the week in Savannah too. Well, enjoy your chicks, and your statuary, and your back yard. Funny story-I took one of the boys I watch to see the baby chicks and he asked if we could get one and put it in a bird cage! Cindy

fuzziekit said...

I feel sorry for Ladybug but the chickies are too cute. They inspire... what I am not sure but they inspire. Fun fun.

About Me... said...

Your baby chicks are making me even more anxious to get my own later this month. Aren't they just the most darling little things?! Every little feature...their fluffy bums, their tiny feet, oh just all of it.

I also love your yard ornaments. Just this morning I decided I want a rabbit to place next to a large stone. Your collection stoked my interest. I don't care for the cutesy-hokey ones, but the old fashioned style is so quaint, lending a friendly - serene - sweet touch to a yard. Take pics of your yard when they're all at their posts again. Shery Jespersen

Chow and Chatter said...

oh wow great bread and adorable chicks

Deborah Jeans Dandelion House ~ inspired living said...

Hi Brenda!
I popped over from Shery's Ranch Farmgirl blog when I saw your mention of chicks and hens! Your blog is darling...your chicks are cute ... I see you have them in a rubbermade bin! I like that idea... We brought home 4 Wyandotte chicks to add to our little flock of 4 "Old Hens" last Thursday and they are already trying to escape the cardboard box! I know just what to do now! I guess you can never really see enough baby chicks can you? LOL I better get come pix up on my blog of April, Ethel, Yoshie and little PT.. I'll be back!
Dandelion Wishes,
Deb~ farmgirl sister #1199