Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Parties

April is a busy month in our family.  We have three grandchildren that have celebrated birthdays this month.  Hubs birthday is this month also but I can tell you about it later.  I am really struggling to decide on a gift for him. So the last two weekends have included birthday parties and I have surly had my limit of birthday cake and ice cream.  My middle daughter has two sons born in the month of April.  She planned a really fun party and celebrated the two birthdays at once.  The party was held in a train car that was reserved just for the party.
The train runs for about a hour ride.  When it gets to the halfway point the engine disconnects from what was the front and reconnects at the other end for the journey back.  

The Birthday Boys! Great looking guys, don't you think so?



I think the conductor looked like Captain Kangaroo.  Do you all remember him?  He punched all the kids tickets.

After the train ride the engineer took some pennies the kids had and placed them on the track before they moved the train into another area of the train yard.  The kids all got one for a souvenir of their trip.  I thought it was really a great idea.

This past weekend we celebrated our oldest granddaughter turning five.

Her mommy took her to a 3-D movie and she got a big girls bike.

Just look at that face.  It makes my heart melt.

We all took a walk after the party and the birthday girl had to get lessons on how to use the brakes.  She really had a hard time pushing the peddles the right way to stop the bike.  At one point she was going downhill quite fast and grandpa had to sprint to grab her just before toppling over.  She also ran into a few things because she was use to peddling her old bike backwards.  I think it is great fun to watch the little ones learning new things and am so thankful I live within an hours drive and get to participate in all their lives.


mrs. c said...

Your photos are great! You are getting better and better! it looks like you had a wonderful train party and I know those boys will always remember that party. I know your grand daughter had a great time learning to ride her bike. Those cakes look yummy!

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

What fun weekends you've had! And that train ride was spectacular - the gentleman did look just like Captain Kangaroo (one of my favorites!). The look on your granddaughters face as she rode her bike brought back so many memories for me of my own learning to ride. Now they are almost 27 and 32 - and I have no grandchildren or hopes of any!

Have a great day,

Rose said...

Wow what a great birthday party! Thanks for sharing the idea and the photos!

Holly said...

Oh I love this idea!!! What a wonderful memory making birthday!!!
Sweet conductor too!
What is it about trains that are so fascinating??

Your grands are so adorable and what a blessing to have them so close!

Love the biking pictures-you've sent me down memory lane!!

Jenny said...

Oh, sweet, sweet photos. April birthdays are the best! But I'm not biased because mine is!

Love the train party. What fun!

fuzziekit said...

Oh that is sooo sweet about the pennies... makes me want a party on the train, but I have cool ideas for mine. I am so glad to see everyone having a great time and yeah he does look like Captain Kangaroo. Too bad Mr. Moose wasn't there to drop pingpong balls on him. :P

B said...

Oh Brenda you seem like a wonderful Grandma. I lost my mother recently and my heart aches for my son that he no longer has his Grandma for fun adventures such as these.

The memories you are creating with your grandchildren will last a lifetime. I'm glad they have you in their life.

About Me... said...

What a memorable treat for your children. I've never ever been on a train...and it is an old dream. Maybe someday. Really enjoyed your blog today. shery j