Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Surprise for Me!

Happy Saturday afternoon!  Happy I am!  For more reasons than one.  First I made a long list of things to do around here because this is the first weekend I had to myself for over a month.  Some of those things were to clean off this one counter top area that always collects random stuff, to work on Samantha's quilt top, finish painting the geraniums on the front of my cupboard doors and the list goes on.  I have done none of the above.  Instead I crocheted while drinking coffee and watching some of season one of the I Love Lucy Show.  Hubby has bought me seasons 1 and 2.  She just cracks me up and I have always wanted to be a red head.  Actually I have a friend who does my hair that could tell you a story about one of my redheaded moments in life.  Then I took the Bug for a long walk out back and took a lot of pretty pictures of her and the woods which is what  I was going to post about today.  And then I decided I needed to go into our little town to get a few groceries and that turned into two more stops.  First at our wonderful home decor store Kindel & Company then I had to cross the street to get a coffee at Charlene's.  Finally I decided I needed to get home and start working on that list but when I stopped at the mailbox before driving up our long drive I found a box there.  Now I will have to post the woodland pictures later because I need to show everyone what came in the mail to me today from:

And here she is sitting on my kitchen ladder looking pretty as can be!  This was truely a surprise because I somewhat had forgotten that I had won.  Also I there was more than one of us that won and I really expected to wait my turn a little longer.  But she is here now and her name is Hope.  Hope is my oldest daughters middle name so she is even that much more special. Love her Jeanette!  Stop in and say hello to Sweet Jeanette, she always has some great recipes and wonderful things going on at her place. 

Thanks for stopping in I will post the snow pictures soon.


Holly said...

What a wonderful day!!!! Love my lists, but spontaneity is fun too!!
Aren't packages great? If I could afford it, I'd order myself stuff all the time just to see the box waiting at the door!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

MelMel said...

What a beautiful angel....pretty blog too!x

sweetjeanette said...

oh sweet Brenda! You made my day with the showers of sweet compliments!!! I'm so glad you like Hope...and how neat that that's your daughter's middle name! It's like it was meant to be, eh? Enjoy her as she watches over you and yours!

Rose said...

Surprises are so fun and what a lovely one at that. She is just so cute. I am sure you will enjoy her.

Linda said...

She is so's always soooo much FUN getting packages...take care and try to stay WARM in this COLD weather!


mrs. c said...

Love, love , love your new Hope! Hubby and I were just talking about I Love Lucy shows tonight at dinner....which is your favorite? I love the one in scene in the candy factory and when she was stomping grapes!!! All my favorite comedy shows are old ones!!! Glad you had such a nice day, we need to pamper ourselves!

koralee said...

She is so so lovely. Lucky you. Thank you for visiting me the other day! Have a great week.