Monday, January 25, 2010

Parade of Homes Desk

Debbie at Heavenly Humor is asking us to post about an area she picks each week in our homes.  I have not participated yet because we have only lived in this home for two years and I have not made any of the rooms mine yet except the guest bedroom and bath.  They turned out really nice so if she ever picks guest rooms I can share.  So what excuse would I have to not show my desk where I blog.  Well lets just see.  I am going to be real here.  I was going to clean it off put everything where it belongs.  But to tell the truth it only looks like that 25 percent of the time.  It sits in the back bedroom where we have a miss matched bunch of beds for our grandchildren when they stay.  There is a daybed (painted copper for really cute room in previous house where I crafted), a little pink plastic toddler bed, a porta crib that never gets put down, a bassinet and also a high chair because I don't like keeping it out in the dining area.  The carpet has needed changed since we moved in and the walls, well I won't go there.  So like I said I am going to keep it real.

The book open on top is new.  Its Blogging for Bliss and a lot of fun to look through.  My Bible study journal that I am using at Debra's blog is sitting on top of my dictionary (which I need to use a lot) and I have been taking tons of notes to remind me of the next craft I would like to try when I find one at some of your awesome blogs.  No one else has linked up yet so I think you are all cleaning!  You know that wonderful hymn "Come as You Are" or it might be a worship song I have sung at church.  Well this is how I am in this particular space.  Promise you though the rest of my home does not look like this.  Well I did just finish the Valentine wreath that I posted about yesterday so that area may need a little straightening.  Chuckle. So I hope everyone else goes over to Heavenly Humor and shares because I have finally stepped up to the plate.

I could use the excuse that I fell on the ice and hit my head this afternoon, but the truth is it looked like this before that.  Thanks for stopping in I always look forward to your visit!


Deborah Ann said...

Brenda, your work space is very sweet! I love the dolls and bears perched on top, and the pretty green color of your cabinet. Only one thing missing....YOU! I know, it's scary to have your picture taken. I was honestly considering putting a bag over my head.

Thanks for sharing your desk! It's fun to see everyone's hang-outs!

Rose said...

Shoot I was thinking I wish I had that hutch. How cute is that. Your work space looks like a place where someone actually works...go figure. It's really cute, thanks for sharing.

mrs. c said...

I have to share m space with my hubby unless I am on the laptop. We have a huge hutch too but now that we have a mac, we do not need so much room but it's the biggest peice of furniture in my living room and that is where my computer is....have a great week, it was rainy today but I hope it will be sunny tomorrow!

Beautiful Mess said...

Love that hutch!

Laurie said...

I love your workstation!!!