Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Christmas Celebration Highlights

Our family celebrated Christmas yesterday at our home. I put together a brunch with some really great recipes that I found in my Farm Chicks cookbook. Everyone enjoyed them so you might like to check it out one day. Our youngest daughter brought along a great DVD for the children that tells the Christmas story. And of course there were gifts. But we all mostly give gifts to the children in the family. Jeff and I do get one nice gift for our daughters, usually something they need or have wanted and have been unable to get for themselves. Not much extravagances around here. My camera decided to act up of course and there were a lot of blurry pictures for some reason. I do not usually have that problem. But here is a sampling of the kids fun. I think I will have to do two posts so it does not get to long because we had eight children here with seven of them aged 4 and under. But what fun we had!


Natalie, Savannah and Zaiden.

I think Ethan must be receiving a present what do you think?

My Mom in Law, Ethan, Lucas (our youngest).

Natalie and Savannah with dolls
Aunt Samantha got at her all
night black Friday shopping at

Son in law and Lucas.

We are all praying for healing of this little guy. We just found out about three months ago that he has Neuraofibromatosis. He had a CAT scan in October and there were no tumors at that time but his parents have not been able to find a local neurologist for pediatrics yet. So we are still waiting for diagnosis on what they did find.


And of course Ladybug at the end of a very tiring day. I think I could have crawled in right beside her if there was any room for me!

If you noticed the little monster stuffed toy Lucas had in his lap I plan on posting about them next time along with a few other pictures. My oldest daughter always makes the children some really cute things. Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas week!


mrs. c said...

We both were having family events last night! Your family is darling and I absolutely LOVE the "blue creature" and I must have the directions! I have a great story to go along with the creature that I wrote for my students!We are so blessd to have some much love in our families, there are so many that can't even be in the same room together!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Brenda, what a bunch of cuties you have there! They could really keep you on your toes! I will keep little Lucas in my prayers. He's a darling little guy.
Brenda your comment on the Bible Study post, is a huge blessing to me. It is doing for you, what it has done for me. Keep me in the Word, and studying, not just reading. So thank you, dear Brenda. You are one of those that God had in mind when this was started. Thank you for the support you have given me! Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

Deborah Ann said...

Beautiful children! What sweet pictures. Lucas is adorable, and I will surely pray for him, poor little guy!

May God download even more joy for you in the days to come...

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Juniper said...

What a fun time! I always wanted a giant doll like that!

Holly said...

What fun for you to have all of your family around! Your grandchildren are so must about burst a bubble with pride!
I'm praying for that adorable little boy and his parents too. May God bring information, a great doctor and most of all, healing.
Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

Great event. I'm sorry to hear about Lucas. I'll put him on my prayer list. What a worry for everyone. And I love the name Zaiden. I've never seen that before.