Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Celebration Highlight Part Two

I must have too much time on my hands now that all the running around and baking and decorating and cooking for 18 is done, because I have something to post most everyday after work this week. My in basket at work has been plummeted this week so I actually am too brain tired to do much of anything except play around on my computer for a couple of hours. I'll get back to working on projects that I have started again on my upcoming days off. I want to show some more of these great stuffy monsters my oldest daughter made for the children for Christmas.

Cute huh? There were eight total but my camera was acting up so these are the best pictures I have of them. But if you would like to see a close up of all of them you can go to my daughters blog she has a post with all of them pictured. This is the link: http://lizseelye.blogspot.com/2009/12/monster-dolls.html If that does not work for you just go to her site it is listed on my side bar under WonderINK. I also want to show you my beautiful daughters.

Oldest daughter Elizabeth. Pretty happy here about a gift certificate for her favorite knitting shop.

Middle daughter Samantha, mother of our four grandsons.

Youngest, Shannon, mother of our two granddaughters.
We had a great day spending time together. And since I decided not to be selfish (because my daughters have always been home Christmas day) and had our Christmas party early, everyone was able to stay longer and be more relaxed. Jeff and I will just have to start a new tradition of some sort in our celebration together on Christmas day. We already decided there is going to be steaks. Yeah! Guess what I don't cook the steaks, that's hubby's job.
I am not sure why I am getting such space between my pictures and writing. I did not have this problem in the past until the last couple of weeks. I must have changed something. humm? Sorry about the blank spaces. Thanks for stopping in!


Jenny said...

What a lovely family and those dolls are adorable. I've seen those knitted before but not like that. Super cute.

Holly said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I love it that your daughters share in your creativity! A beautiful family!!
I've had trouble with the space thing too. Just click and drag the space and hit delete ( make sure you don't grab the picture too) Do it between every part you want to shorten and between your last part and the comment line. Should go away!!!