Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Vacation

Hubs and I  were on vacation week before last but this past week we had company here at our home so I have not had any time to blog about vacation or any thing else I have been up to.  So I will just start sharing as I can and by the end of the week I should be caught up, unless life takes over again.

We mostly had a staycation but we did go away for a couple of days to travel around the Leelanau Peninsula here in Michigan.  It is around two hours north of our home so the drive was not far which made the gas tank less expensive to keep filled. 

We stayed just south of Suttons Bay which we arrived at around 11:00 AM on a Monday.  You can travel any where you want on the Peninsula in less than an hour.  After we arrived and checked in we were off to find some lunch.  We had a guide book and a local pamphlet which gave us the best places to eat and things we should see in the area.  Otherwise we had no real plans or times mapped out.  We ate lunch on the deck of Knot Just a Bar in Omena.  It had great food and beverages and this is the scene we looked out on while dining.
We next drove back to Suttons Bay to check out their shops.  It is a pretty town and even hubs enjoyed walking in and out of some of the shops.

I am a little disappointed in myself for not buying a print in the shop above that I really liked.  I always have a hard time deciding what I would like to take home with me when we go away.  I hope to go back though so I may get it yet.
A yarn shop for you Cindy Bee, I did not have a project in mind when I walked in but I did find these buttons.
Cute little Ladybug (our sweet Scottie) buttons.
Mine and hubs favorite shop.  Full of great lawn ornamentation, inside and out.  Unfortunately what we had our eyes on was way out of our budget.
After spending an hour or so shopping in Suttons Bay we headed over to Fishtown which is on the lake shore of Leland.

Leland was on our list of stops because hubs had worn out his Minnetonka moccasins that we bought quite a few years ago in the UP and needed to replace them.  He also bought me a cute pair of red moccasins because the sandals I was wearing were hurting my feet.  Here are a couple more pictures of  Fishtown.
It was a very hot day, in the upper 90's and we decided to set out and find some beach so we could dip our feet in the water.  We picked Peterson Park because the description included that it was a beach to find pretty rock and beach glass on. was rocky.
Very rocky.
There was a little sand along the water but just past that sand was more of the same rocks and the water came up over the little bit of sand so there was no where to park our beach chairs and was really to hard to walk in without your shoes.  So we just took a short walk and picked up a couple of smaller rocks for memories. 

This was the best spot to stand on the whole beach.  We usually pick up pretty little rocks and make stepping stones with them for our walkways at home.
After our short beach stay we were off to freshen up and go to dinner back at Suttons Bay.  We had Whitefish sandwiches at Boone's Prime Time Pub and took a walk on the board walk behind the main street afterward.

End of day one.

I will be back in a couple of days with the rest of the story!   Blessings!


Allie said...

I have never been there, and now I really, really want to go - so gorgeous - and I LOVE the little movie of the water, thank you! I'd love to visit that art gallery!

Julie H said...

Love your blog, love the music you add. Very refreshing...

I too am from Michigan and have been to Leelanau Penninsula. It is so pretty. When you were in Omena did visit the large garden where you can cut your own fresh flowers? I have visited it twice, once in July and in October. Each time the flowers were either spent or picked over already. This garden made the cover of Midwest Living a few years ago. One of my favorite places to eat is in Leeland aka Fishtown is the The Cove. Very cute and good food. Love your blog and I guess I did not realize your were from Michigan until this post. I am in Warren, MI. Would love to email with you. Have a great day!


Holly said...

How nice to get away!
What an adorable little town! Love all the bright colors.
That beach looks like our beaches around here...not really conducive to sunbathing!!!!
Looking forward to more!

Bee Lady said...

I've been to those places! I love it there...I've even been to that yarn shop...years and years ago! I bought sock yarn, which I've never learned to use. So good to see these pics and see these places again. When I was there they had an herb farm, but when we went back, the farm was closed up and it was a residence. Did you see those little cottages by the harbor in Suttons Bay? That's where we stayed when we went there. Kind of a 60's looking on the inside. I loved them. I love that area.
sigh....I wanna go back....
Cindy Bee