Friday, July 13, 2012

Gifts and Blooms

Hi friends I have been busy!  Hubs had two out of state employees with the company he works for visit the  last couple of days. They were here for a work meeting and we had been cleaning and prepping for their stay this past week.  That is the reason there have been no posts all week.  I just uploaded all my pictures for a Farmgirl Friday post when I remembered it is also Friday Night Sew In.  I am going to continue with my Farmgirl Friday post but if I get around to working on the apron I have cut out then I will post the results for Friday Night Sew In tomorrow.  But then I am on vacation and probably will not be posting much over the next few days.

First I would love to show you some country girl gifts from my southern blogging friend the Happy Mrs C.
I received a box in the mail last week with some treasures her and her husband have been collecting from estate sales and re-selling.
Are these not the best farm girl pretties?!  I have found spots for everything except the gloves, still moving them around the house.
Holding the little scrubby I clean the eggs off with before putting them away.

Cutest little cheery salt and pepper shakers!

Was not sure what this little dish was made for.  Mrs C suggested I could use it to hold sewing notions.  It is perfect for that very use.  Here it is above sitting on the side table I usually sit by when I am doing any hand stitching.  Love it all Mrs C!.  I have made such great friends since blogging and these were some very unexpected gifts to receive along with a great hand crafted card.  Thank you friend!

Now while I am catching up I thought I would show you what it blooming in my floral boarder.  I spent a day pulling grasses and weeds last weekend so it would look spiffy for hubs guests.
Yellow Butterfly bush and white and pink Phlox which I find will grow in our sandy soil so I put a lot of these in.
Russian Sage
Bee Balm
I think these are Asters?
Hope you will visit the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop and read what everyone else is talking about this week.
Have a great evening!

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Bee Lady said...

Awww that was sweet of Mrs. C. Such nice gifts. Your gardens are just beautiful. Have a wonderful vacation. Are you going anywhere?

Cindy Bee