Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Sewing

My youngest grand daughter picked out a witch hat at one of the dollar stores that she wanted for her Halloween costume. It really is cute, black with some purple on it. Her mommy my youngest daughter had not found a dress for her to wear it with yet and asked for me to keep my eyes open. So I got thinking...and I remembered a pattern I used to make a costume with when my daughters were little girls. And so I went to search and yes I did still have it. Really I was not to surprised because sewing and crafting things I find very hard to part with.
I found some cute material for the cape to bring in the purple of the hat grand daughter picked out.
I had bought this boa intending to sew it around the bottom of the cape but there was not enough.
But it was long enough for me to hand sew onto the bottom of the dress. I think it gave it just the girlie touch it needed.
The grand daughter this costume is for was born on Halloween and will be wearing it on her birthday. I will post a picture after her birthday so you can see how it looks on our little four year old witchy poo.
On to a different subject. Ladybug went to the groomer this week and is all spiffed up with a new Halloween scarf to sport.
This dog of ours is not cooperative at all when I try and take her picture. I thought she would look so cute sitting by the pumpkin with her new do. But I would push the pumpkin a little closer and back up and say sit and she would back up or turn her head.
So there she is folks in all her finery. One day I will catch her off guard and get a good picture of her. And what is it with dogs, instead of red eye you get blue eyes. I had a couple of pictures that were possibly a little better but the red eye remover does not work on blue eyes. Any other way to fix that?
Thanks for stopping in and as always many blessing to each one of you!


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

It's so hard to photograph a dog - I can never get them to do what I want them to do!!

I love your grand-daughter's Halloween costume. I know she'll look precious in it - can't wait to see the photos!!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey there, Brenda, You did such a great job on the outfit. I hope your granddaughter loves it!! And Ladybug looks adorable in her seasonal attire, too!! how fun!
big hugs,