Monday, July 12, 2010

What I Planted Annuals in this Year

At our city home our deck was mostly shaded and I always moved my houseplants outside and planted tons of annuals in pots and odd containers.  Our deck here is always sunny and very hot.  The first summer we lived here I put most of my houseplants on it and lost about half of them because they burnt up.  So I have learned to place some pots around the yard in other areas where they get some sun or just plain shade.
This is an old tool carrier.  There is a handle across the top but the plants have covered it up now.
Hubs built this box for me quite a few years ago.  It started out as an old wire freezer basket and he used it for a base to build a cedar planter for me.
Back side.
These pots sit outside the door of the garage that everyone uses to enter our house.  These are my favorite floral combination that I use almost every year.  The white flowers were something new I tried this year.
This is how it looks now that the flowers have grown together more.
Notice my newly painted red door.  It is the same red we painted our hen house and I like is so much I have started painting all the exterior doors with it.  They are all different colors so it will be an improvement.  This is our third summer here and every year I expect to get more done than I can ever accomplish.  One day we will feel like it is truly ours, finished with the colors and style that we like.   Thanks for coming by and visiting.  I know there have been days of flowers.  I can finally say I do not have anymore floral pictures to show you.  I bet your relieved. On to the garden!  Have a great week!  Blessings!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love you flowers. I have done my first deck garden this year and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I have had to move some to make sure they get more shade as the weather has been so hot.

fuzziekit said...

I always love container gardening. Half of what makes it so pretty is the container. You never know what will or won't work.

Bee Lady said...

Love the flowers! They are beautiful. My yard has gone to pieces this year, and last, and the year before that. Ever since we bought our land and I took over the Comm. Gdn. job, I haven't had time for my own back yard. So I have definitely enjoyed seeing yours. It gives me hope! Cindy

Holly said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Love the wooden boxes. I hardly planted any flowers, but lots of plants. Miss the year!!