Friday, May 28, 2010

A Lot of Cute Little Chicks

First I want to show you a really special little chick.
This is granddaughter number one.  She graduated from preschool this week.  She asked me to come so I took the day off and drove to the city so I could see her smiling face.  The following pictures are my granddaughter with some of her school friends.  The first picture is blurry but I am posting it anyway because it is her very best friend in school.  This little girl has been in granddaughter's class for two years and when it was time to leave she cried because my granddaughter will be going to a different school for kindergarten next year.  I was pretty close to tears myself.
Here is the same little chick with a feathered friend.  She was upset when I posted all the other grandchildren holding chicks a couple of weeks ago.  At the time she did not want to hold one, but she was willing to later so she could be on grandma's blog.  Too cute.
The feathered chicks are 3 and 4 weeks old in the next pictures.
This was the first day in their deluxe home that hubs built.
These gold chicks blend right into the wood shaving I put down.  They all like to scratch and throw the shavings all over each other. 
This is a Golden Laced Wyandotte.  This one loves to be up higher than the other chicks and gets a little pushy sometimes.
Right before I go to work in the morning I go out to feed and water the girls and let them out to their run.  When I open the little door they come running out.  They love being outside in the sun.
Whenever I take time to squat down to talk to them this little Barred Rock jumps up on my knee to visit and get petted.  I am trying to decide on a name for her.  Leaning towards Freckles but am not quite sure yet.
While my little friend that usually sits on my knee was visiting with me the other day this little chick hopped up on my shoulder.  I was not expecting it and it startled me a little.  I tried to take a picture and this was the best I could manage.   I am really having a great time raising these feathered ladies.  I am suppose to give my middle daughter two of them when they get a little older to add to her three chickens she already has.  I am afraid if we do not do this soon I will not want to give up any of them.  I expect you all have a lot of plans for this holiday weekend, I know we do.  Mostly work related such as gardening and outside painting that needs done.  I am hoping to go to a flea market on Memorial Day though for some fun.  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


fuzziekit said...

they are getting sooo big. The birds not the girls... I have watched them grow too though. So pretty... love the feathers.

mrs. c said...

How sweet I just love it when these little folks make those special friends! We take lots of buddy photos and the parents just love them! Looks like m girls are doing well! They have grown so much in a short time! I hope that you have a wonderful Memorial Day. Hubby and I always go and take photos at the National Cemetery.

Linda said...

Very cute Chicks!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Ohhhhh I just love them. Looks like you got a good assortment! The golden laced wyandotte reminds me so much of Helen. Best of luck with your birdies!