Monday, June 4, 2012

What I Did Sunday

First off I want to share with you a way to use up your left over baked potatoes  at breakfast.  Nan shared this recipe on her blog Pots and Pins.  You can find it here.  Be sure to pop over to Pots and Pins to thank Nan for a great start to your morning, I did.  I used the potato that I scooped out to make some American Fries to go along with the Baked Potato Breakfast Eggs.  
Sunday afternoon I carried all my houseplants out to the deck to re-pot them.  They have been sorrily neglected.
By just re-potting in larger pots and fresh potting soil they all looked healthier right away.
Kept a few on the deck but it gets really hot there so the rest I put in front of the house where they will get more shade.  I think a summer outside will give them a kick start and probably insure they are watered more regularly.  
Along the back of the yard where the woods takes over there is an area that usually stays covered with leaves.  There is no lawn under it and hubs just rakes and blows the leaves that way when he mows.  It is a haven for the hens.
I think they have a bug feast when they wander into it.

I have deleted the video.  I do not think anyone was able to watch it after the first couple of days.  Any suggestions on how to upload a video correctly?

For your entertainment I leave you with this chicken video.  After I caught them busy as bees scratching up bugs I shared the video with hubs.  He shook his head and pronounced that he just blew all those leaves back out of the yard with the garden tractor.  Living with chickens does not keep a neat lawn.  I have been battling to keep them out of my herb beds recently.  I will show you later in the week the steps we have gone through in that area.  Thanks for stopping by!  Blessings from our home in the woods.

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Holly said...

What a wonderful potting bench! So nice to get outdoors. The rain has set in here and I don't think the sun is supposed to shine much for at least a week...then it gets HOT, and I don't like hot!
Your hens look quite happy!!!