Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Fun

The whole family was able to come on Easter Sunday for lunch and afternoon fun.  Here is the picture trail.
Some Egg Hunters!
Checking out their prizes.
Pinata made by middle daughter.
The youngest peeking.

Oldest grandson finishing it off.
Another grand waiting to be born soon!
The Girlie's
And this little furry girl is a new pup that belongs to these granddaughters.
Saline Gomez
Not sure how I did not get a picture of Ladybug, she is due for a grooming this week so she will probably come pay everyone a visit sometime soon!  I hope you all had a great day!


Bee Lady said...

Looks like a great family time was had by all. So glad you had a Happy Easter. I Love those braids!

Cindy Bee

Barb said...

What fun, you have a lovely family!!

mrs. c said...

What a great memory! Your photos are terrific. I hope you had a good week and have a restful weekend. How are the girls?