Saturday, March 31, 2012

Word Verification

I am so sorry.  I was sure I had it turned off.  Then I visited another blog that thought the same and had to change hers back.  Is that why I am not getting many comments.  I have missed you all, please come back to visit.  Let me know if that irritating word verification shows back up and I will chase it away with a stick!


Bee Lady said...

I am about ready to turn word verification back on. I keep getting spammer comments. Jeeeesh you just can't win.

You should call in for a mental health day tomorrow and come up to Mandy's open house. Bring some crocheting and hang out with us!

Cindy Bee

Karen Bates said...

lol I came for a visit and was so surprised to see your post!! I think Blogger just changes them at random!

Mama Spark said...

I will see if you still have it.