Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reading Challenge Book Two

Time to give a report on the second book I have read for the reading Challenge over at Beth Fish Reads.  The book I read this past week had a creepy crawly in the title so I could link up to that list.
Plan Bee is the third book in a series by Hannah Reed.  The main character in the book is Story Fisher, who got the nickname Story from telling so many stories as a child.  She is a bee keeper and a store owner in the small town of Moraine.  I fell in love with the characters in the first book Buzz Off and am still enjoying them in book three.  They are a delightful bunch of very often funny people, although they are serious about their endeavors in life.  I do not think I have read a chapter in these books that there is not a laugh to be had at the predicaments that half of the characters get themselves in. And if you cannot get a good picture of P.P. Patti (Pity Party Patti) Story's next door neighbor from the description in the book I would think your imagination could use a good boost.  If you are a mystery series lover as I am, I would recommend that you give these books a try.  
Hope you are all having a great week and I will try and be back soon.

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