Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Praise

As most of you have done in the last week I watched some of the past years highlights on my favorite morning news show.  There was so much more heartache then happy things to look back at that I kept thinking of this song i wanted to share.  I love it, it makes me smile and sing in my car every time I hear it.  I think I will be listening to it each time I open my blog up in the coming weeks.  Enjoy, smile have a wonderful Sunday and a good week!


Bee Lady said...

I've stopped watching the news because I get tired of them talking about more bad than good. And geeeez loueeez I am tired of the politics already!

Hey I gave you an award. I hope you don't mind.

Cindy Bee

mrs. c said...

Lovely, so glad you are doing well! Thanks for always being so positive! Getting ready to watch the game.....roll tide! I was born in Alabama! But either time is fine with me because they are both SEC I love me some football!!!!!

taylorsoutback said...

I so agree... every once in awhile, we hear of a genuine "feel-good" story on the news, but most of the daily stuff is so media-motivated, I have simply shut down.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I so appreciate your taking time to visit and comment.

I think you are like me...the days aren't long enough - and never bored!