Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blue and White or White and Blue?

My middle daughter has started buying and selling antiques.  I love it that she is so excited about this new venture for herself.  She has four sons, is a stay at home mom and up until a few months ago hardly went anywhere except school functions, Dr. appointments and to the grocery store.  Now she has been studying antiques, finding them at wonderful prices and working with the owner of a local antique mall.  And I am loving it too, because I get sweet gifts.  This past Christmas I received this basket.  Sorry to say I took other items out of it before I thought to take a picture.  Now I do not know if the basket is old but it sure went with what was gifted inside it.
Check out this wonderful tag, love it.
This is what came in the basket along with some other treasures.
Pretty handle
So I was inspired to raid my little hutch where I keep my teapots, cups and saucers along with other pretties.
This cup and saucer I bought new the tea pot was a gift I am pretty certain it  is older.

Now I am ready for company, who wants to join me?  And even though hardly any of these items belong in the same set they all go together so pretty.
I also have some Blue Willow and some other Flow Blue dishes which I think my tea pot is, but I will share those another time.  Linking up with Common Grounds Vintage Inspiration.
There are always some wonderful inspirational posts to take in.  Hope you will all join me there! Blessings!


Holly said...

What fun! Good for her! You got a lovely basket of goodies there. My daughter loves the blue and white too...or is it white and blue?

Bee Lady said...

Well that is exciting for your daughter. And for you too! I love getting gifts like that. Kind of put together and nothing has to be new. I do have some new blue and white stuff. I got most of it as a gift from a friend. It came from cracker barrel, but it LOOKS old. I forgot about the blue and white, until this post. aye yai yai I have too much stuff.

Cindy Bee

Mary said...

I too am a blue and white (eh ... white and blue) kind of girl. Thanks for letting me peek at your collection.

Mary @ SeaQuilts

elizabeth said...

Oh I just love transferware!

Thanks so much for your kind comment about my gray shelf makeover.

Jenny said...

Good for her! What a fun and exciting way to creatively make money!

That blue and white pattern is really lovely!

Bonnie said...

Brenda, what a thoughtful and lovely gift. I love blue and white china and dinnerware. It is so traditional. I have a set of blue and white English ironstone at my house. Love your teapot.