Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Painting is Finished

The painting is finished and the fun begins with the arranging and the fun crafts that I like to do to finish things off.  And the search is on for the gathering up of objects that finish off a space.  In this case it is the back bedroom where my computer sits.  This is where I blog and my grandchildren sleep when they stay over.  I am not going to show you any before pictures this time around because I am joining Debra at Common Ground for her Vintage Inspiration Friday.  Now what I have to share as my inspiration is not vintage but it is the backdrop of the vintage furniture I have been painting to put in this room.  I tore out this picture from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine about a year ago.  I loved the look of this painted wall behind the headboard.
As you can see this page has been around for a while.

Now I liked the idea but I did not quite want the different tones of the same color so next I used these curtains that I made a few years ago at my previous home to pick out the colors I wanted to use in this room.  I really still love this fabric and decided I wanted to use the curtains along with some pillow shams that I made at the same time in this room.

I have been trying to get a picture of the walls that shows the true color and it just is not coming out clearly.  I have tried about every setting on my camera available.  I can tell you that the green, lavender and the blue on the walls match the colors in the curtains.  The colors are a lot more muted and soft.  The rest of the room is painted in just the green shade.
So next comes the layers but because this is about the inspiration for the room I will just stop after showing you the vintage headboards that I am sitting in front of the painted color blocks.
 The left headboard was mine as a child and the right one was on the curbside found by my mom in love when she was helping me look for a second bookshelf type headboard.  The headboard on the right has a end board also.  I am going for the cottage look which I really like a lot.  What do you think, am I getting it?  Now I need to find some pretty art work to center over the headboards.  Something new for the search.

Speaking of artwork, our five year old granddaughter sent this picture home to grandpa the other day.  She had it all rolled up with a string tied around it.  So sweet.  Hubs gets all cheesy when the kids send him artwork and this time was no different.  But after looking at it for a while he got worried that this granddaughter thinks he looks like Hitler.
I do not think he has anything to worry about.
Check out some other wonderful inspirations over at Common Ground this weekend.

Have a great holiday weekend!  Blessings!


Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey there, friend!!! I'm laughing so hard about the Hitler comment. You're right, he's a good lookin' guy, no resemblance to said dictator! ha ha! Leave it to a kiddo! Great post, Brenda. This is perfect for VIF! love your cottage-y walls and color scheme. The headboards are super together. Funny how we find something that just sings to us, and it might take awhile but eventually it all comes together, Thanks so much for linking up, love hearing from you!!

Jenny said...

Brenda, oh, that sweet, sweet picture. Tell your husband he is too cute to ever look like Hitler!

And your room is really neat. Love the colors.

Olive Cooper said...

I love those headboards. They are so alike. Thanks bunches for visiting me♥olive

Kris said...

Brenda - your room is looking great!

Holly said...

Oh goodness! the Hitler comment and picture!!! Too funny!!! What a sweet little tyke to send grandpa a picture! I love the string effect...she's got taste!
I love what you're doing in the bedroom. Amazing that the beds are so much alike! I can't wait to see more!

How are the chickens doing??? I haven't seen a photo of the coop in awhile...I miss it!!!! I still want one, maybe next year!

Busy canning today...chicken, applesauce and pesto. Didn't get to the pickles, but will do that tomorrow. Time to pick the corn too...and the beans...and the broccoli...I'm almost ready for the garden to be done!!!!

My baby bought a car today...go check it out!!!!


Pam said...

I had that type of headboard as a kid too! Mine was that blonde wood that was popular in the 50's-60's. I like the combo of colors you have in the room.

Bee Lady said...

Hi Brenda,

Love the cottage look. It's my favorite too. The picture of your husband, looking like Hitler, cracked me up! So funny. Maybe you could find a wall to frame some of those pics and hang them up!


Mama Spark said...

I love the painting and those headboards are perfect! I also love your chicken babies. We have been hatching some of our own and sending them to our friend's farm. Currently we have 4 peachicks that we are raising up until they are old enough to go to the farm. Where in MI are you?? I'm in MI too!!