Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Projects One New the other Old

I had some shells and small pieces of driftwood that I picked up off the beach while on our vacation this summer. They were not significant because the Great Lakes have really pretty rocks but not so pretty shells. But I wanted to do something with them so I started off with an inexpensive frame from the craft store.

I next painted it white but not a solid white.

Next I used some distressed paint that I bought from my good friend Cindy's shop
Looks like a bad camouflage job!
Then I spent about three evenings gluing on the beach finds.

This is what the finished frame looks like. I was hoping to have it look like I took an old frame with chipping paint and just glued everything to it. My projects do not always look exactly how I envision them but this one works for me.

The other project I want to show you is a shadowbox I completed a few months ago. I do not have a before picture of the old type drawer I used, only the finished project. I had used this to display my thimble collection along with other small nick knacks for years and was tired of the look. So I decided to use some distress paints, scrapbooking papers, stamps, buttons and decoupage to give it a new look.

The following pictures are some close ups of this same shadow box. I have it hanging in my work room by my sewing area.



Maggie and Mitch said...

You're very creative! Your projects are just beautiful!

Mandy said...

Love them both! Nice job :)

mrs. c said...

I simply love the drawer! I love little nick-nack things and I usuallay don't like something unless it has a purpose and this does to display some very small items that would get lost on a shelf. Great idea!