Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Butterflies and more Butterflies

I have finally finished stitching all the antenna's onto the appliqued butterfly blocks. Samantha's quilt started out as a queen size 84X92 but they have switched to a king size bed now. When I laid it out as the queen size version I was one row short of having butterflies in all four corners or a empty block. To make it work out I had to remove 2 of the outside rows. I believe a king bed is longer than a queen so I wanted to keep the length. I am planning on using the leftover fabrics from the butterflies to make a patchwork boarder and maybe work in the extra butterfly blocks into that corner. Should I first border it with strips of one fabric maybe what I pick for the back and then another boarder with the scraps and add the butterfly blocks. This is the largest quilt I have made and I want it to look good in the end. Hopefully you will share your thoughts and I can bring it all together.


Julie Isa said...

Hi Brenda!
Georgous Quilt! How many butterfly blocks were you short? Could you put in it's place a label block? How many inches do you need to make up if you lose those rows? Remember...always measure through the center to get the border length :)

Mama Spark said...

Love the butterflies. What a labor of love! Can't believe you are in Howard City. I am in MI too, Canton.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Wow, I can't believe how many blocks that is! I'd have given them a lap quilt and called it good! :)
I personally would put one fabric up against the butterflies for your first border and then choose a more scrappy border beyond that if you'd like. You have so many little blocks that I think a scrappy border right next to them would make it too busy.
Hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Those sound like good Ideas mom!
I think Mountain home Quilts is right about the border!

mrs. c said...

Yes you can bring your own wine, they even have buckets of ice and corkscrews! Love you quilt, made one in my life, for my only grand daughter Victoria, the love of my life...it used 28 different fabrics with lots of appliques and took me several months but we do things for our kids we would never do for ourselves! Your Ladybug is just like my Rueben, sits and watches us eat in hopes of a bite. He hates thunder and lightning and last night at 2:15, I know because I looked at the clock, it started storming and he started barking! Jeff said be quiet but that does not work, he is scared so I got up and rocked him like a tiny baby and rubbed under his chin until the storm passed. i thought I would be worn out for school today but I had a great day! God takes care of those who take care of his creatures. Have a great weekend, are your leaves turning yet? Ours will be in about 2 weeks. Love your blog!

craftycrafter said...

what a lovely quilt I dont sew much any more but I love to see others work, I came upon your blog by accident but I'm glad I did I will be over again to see what you are up to and your little dog is beautiful do take a look at my blog http://dorothypatricia.blogspot.com/ Dorothy