Thursday, August 20, 2009

The new walkway I have been working on all summer.

I think I have more pictures than words today. I have been visiting so many beautiful blogs lately I feel as though mine just does not hold a candle to them. So many of you have such wonderful words to put with your beautiful pictures and I enjoy stopping in often. That said, here is the walkway I have been working on all summer. It is filling in. It leads from the largest part of our yard over to a side area where the grand kids play. There is room to the right within the walkway for a child's size picnic table, one of the things on the honey do list, along with the chicken house that will be at the other end of the walk beside the herb garden. Can you picture it yet? So here are some pictures of items in and along the walkway. The stepping stones Jeff and I make each summer. We still need a couple more to finish this walk. My middle daughter Samantha made the plant hanger for me. Isn't she creative? Can you see all the work she put into it? Thanks for coming by! I need to figure out a signature. Maybe by the next blog!

This is the yard ornament that started it all! We did not make this one.

The great flower pocket my daughter made. Below right after I received it for Mothers day. On the right, how it looks now!


Maria Matter said...

Hi Brenda!
Thanks for stopping by my blog with a congrats re:/the scrappyfrog win...that was very kind of you!
Your walkway is wonderful...all your photos are wonderful. Your herb garden looks delightful...I can tell you enjoy nature and beautiful things!
Abundant Blessings, Maria

oh,love your photo of ladybug flopped on the floor! too precious!

Holly said...

Your walkway looks great! Like a treasure walk to a joyful place!!!
Have you finished all your canning? I'm just getting started on the corn and Swiss chard...but not much room left in the freezers!!!
Hope all is well! Holly

Ranch wife said...

Love the stepping stones! So pretty. Your yard and garden are beautiful. Have a wonderful day.


Kitty Scraps said...

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for stopping by! I love your pathway, I wish I had a pretty yard to make pathway in but sadly it's a mess *smiles* Yours is lovely!

When I decided to start reading Jane Austen I started with Pride & Prejudice, no reason other than I had heard of the movie and wanted to watch it LOL Miz Darlene of Darlene's Days is thinking about reading it as well, if you both wanted I'd be happy to read it along with you! Just let me know *smiles*

Kitty Scraps said...

Hi Brenda,
It's a crazy week for me at work so I'm late getting by to say hi. How's the P&P reading going? You've been introduced to the family now in Chapters 1 & 2, what do you think? Have you gotten lost in the language? I know when I first started reading her in 2002 that I would have to read the same sentence twice in some places to get at the true meaning *smiles* I'm so glad you decided to give it a try and I hope you love it *smiles*

Kitty Scraps said...

Hi Brenda,
We do have a lot in common but I most especially wish we had gardening in common or that you were my neighbor and would take pity on me cause my yard is a complete and disgraceful disaster! LOL

Mr Darcy does not make a good first impression when we are first introduced to him but his manner does improve upon further aquaintance, I promise you! *smiles* And Mrs Bennett has a one track mind! You'll soon read more about her scheming ways *smiles* But Miss Bennett and Miss Eliza thankfully have better manners than their mother.