Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacation and new herb garden.

I had so much to talk about today that I have broke everything up into three different posts. First I need to thank Amy at Park City Girl. I received her new Boxy Tote Bag pattern, that I won on her blog site, while I was on vacation. I need to finish up some other projects before I start a new one, but I am excited to have it. Jeff, I and of coarse Ladybug, took a couple much needed days off for a mini vacation. We stayed in Port Austin and spent time on Lake Huron beaches. We have spent past vacations on Lake Michigan and Lake Superior beaches but this is our first time on Lake Huron. We love to sit and read on the beach and walk the along the shore line collecting pretty rock. We make our own stepping stones with them and other crafts. I have also finished planting a new herb garden. Jeff built the raised beds for it and we set large patio blocks between each section. The trellis was re-purposed from another area. It was a fake gate that a previous owner had put in and I asked Jeff to remove last year. Our plans are to put a chicken house to the right of the herb garden and a potting shed to the left. The plan was for this year but I think since it is August already only one may get done. Well I think I have rambled on enough. If you have any suggestions for the gardens I would truly appreciate them. I have two other garden projects I am working on but I will wait until they are further on to blog about them. Thanks for stopping by!

Lake Huron


Ranch wife said...

What a pretty blog you have! I love the pictures. Sure looks like you live in a beautiful place. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Have a great day.


Holly said...

Love your herb garden! A girl after my own heart! I have a large vegie garden with some herbs mixed in, but would love to have a spot just for them. I also can and freeze and enjoyed seeing the fruits of your labor! Nice blog!! Holly

Holly said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog Brenda! I think your garden is doing wonderfully and anything you grow just brings a smile to your face!!! Doesn't everything just taste better when you grow it yourself?!! Just had my first corn on the cob last night and was it ever good!!! I'll be checking back often. I'm very technically challanged and have yet to figure how to "follow a blog". I have to click in every time!!! Have a great day! Holly

Tricia said...

Hi there! I don't know if you saw that you were the winner of the stamp set on my blog for the Clear Dollar blog hop. If you can get me your email (it's in my profile), I'll pass it along to Clear Dollar so they can contact you to get your address. :-) Congratulations!!!!!