Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The strawberries!

We have had a bumper crop of strawberries this year. Jeff planted them last year and was guessing that we might get around 40 quarts from the amount of plants he put in. We are up to 48 quarts now! The June bearers have slowed down but the ever-bearers picked up a little the past few days. I posted some pictures below so you can see how pretty they were. I've made a ton of freezer jam, froze berries with and without sugar and canned strawberry rhubarb jam. Our baby birds we found in the holly bush earlier have flown away. But we have found a nest down in the strawberry plants with eggs still unhatched. Hoping to see some babies soon. The garden is growing, we think it might just catch up with last years after all. I picked peas the other day and made Jeff's favorite tuna pasta salad. Hope to post some finished projects soon!

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