Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Samantha's quilt.

Here are the quilt blocks I am working on right now. This quilt is for my middle daughter Samantha. I have about half of the butterflies antennas embroidered which is taking longer than I expected. There will be a block without a butterfly between each with. The bed size has increased since I started so I will have to come up with a border. I am thinking pieces of the leftovers from the different butterflies. You cannot see this but there are quite a few different fabrics. I really need to get cracking of this one because I owe my youngest a quilt after this one is finished. I was making these for graduation presents. But only the oldest received hers on time. Afraid going back to work, grandchildren, and too many other crafts has slowed me down on this one. But I have been working on them while watching, listening to TV in the evenings now so hopefully I will be ready to start putting this together by end of summer. The pretty material that is in the basket with blocks is not part of the quilt. I received it as a customer appriciation gift at a local quilt shop and thought it was pretty. Thinking I might use it to make my first bag when I get ready to try that. I have also been working on painting our guest bedroom and bathroom getting ready for some summer visitors. Hoping to finish that up quickly so I can move back outside to my gardening.

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I believe you are the same Brenda (Schiery) Towsley that I searched and found on Facebook. I am Brenda (Rude) Stevens from Rossville, IN. I'd love to catch back up with you and you can contact me via Facebook or my home e-mail: