Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Life As It Is

My life as it is.  I know my posting here on my little blog has been so sporadic that you all must wonder if I should just close it down.  I am not one to share every little thing that is going on in my life, here, or on my Facebook page.  I just think we all have our own troubles and wonder if I really need to share mine to weigh others down.  But I have decided that I am going to mention this once and move on.  I have three wonderful daughters whom I love so much that it breaks my heart when they hurt in anyway.  Two of those daughters each have 4 children whom I love just as much.  I know this is not a new story for any of you with children or grandchildren.  But my second daughter has been in a mentally and physically abusive marriage now for many years and this past June it finally came to a point that she has accepted that she cannot continue that marriage.  We have now had this daughter and her 4 sons living with us since the end of June and our lives have been somewhat out of balance.  The boys are now enrolled in our school system and seem to be doing well and we are adjusting.  That all being said I am going to post some of my favorite summer pictures and move on to fall.

Brothers, sisters, cousins, our grandchildren!

I have a couple more posts that I have pictures picked out for and plan on posting more often.  I will start sharing my creative projects again and hope to catch up with everyone as much as possible.  I hope this fall is bringing you joy.  Blessings from our home in the woods!



Allie said...

Adorable kiddos!!! I'm so glad your daughter realized and got out of harm's way...praying she continues to do well, and the boys. Big hugs, sweetie!

Mama Spark said...

What a wonderful mom and grandmom you are to your daughters and grandchildren. It takes big hearts to open up your neat life to the chaos but oh so worth the effort!