Monday, August 26, 2013

The Garden That Almost Wasn't

This summer I have not posted anything about our vegetable garden because it just did not start out well at all.  Anybody that lives in Michigan or the surrounding states know about the rains and the flooding this past spring.  Our garden area was so wet that we were not able to plant until the first week of June and we were planting in the muck at that point.  We bought two trailer loads of compost from a local farmer to add as we worked and added more later, finally things dried up enough we could plant some seed and the nursery plants that we had put in started to take hold.  But along with the garden starting to grow came grass and weeds that we have never had growing in our garden before.  We think we brought the seed in with the new compost we bought. So there are no pictures of the garden because it is not pretty.  We have not been able to keep up with the weeds even though we have tried.   While everything is coming on very late the garden is not a total bust.  Today we picked a sink full of green beans.

We started picking beans last week and this is the largest pick yet.  I think I have canned 11 quarts so far and expect there are close to that in the sink waiting for me to snap.

We are also getting a lot of the small sweet tomatoes right now.  Usually I have these starting in July and have only started picking them the last couple of weeks.  Most of the larger tomatoes are still green.

They looked pretty on my dinner salad tonight.  The grilled eggplant was from the garden and also the handful of blackberries.  Leftover rainbow trout that hubs grilled last night with some feta cheese over the top.  I have really learned the art of making a salad with many different vegetables and fruits since I joined Weight Watchers last November.   And since I have not reported for quite a while how I have been doing, I would like to let you know that I have lost 30 pounds and have made my goal.  
I have finished my yummy salad and now I need to start snapping those green beans, I think it will take me a while.  Hope you are having a great Monday!  Blessings from our home in the woods.


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Bee Lady said...


I just have a small area where I garden. Little boxouts in the driveway area. I have some tomato plants that just started producing last week. And I planted seeds in an area there times and they never did come up. I gave up. It's all weeds now. I asked some other people about it and they said they had the same problem. Seeds rotted, got washed away, and it wasn't warm enough for them to germinate. We have some gorgeous fruit on our fruit trees though!

Cindy Bee

Bee Lady said...

PS. I've lost ten pounds using MyFitnessPal app. It's similar to weight watchers only you count calories instead of points. How long did it take you to lose the 30 pounds. I'm losing about a pound a week. It's slooooow coming off and very hard to do.