Friday, August 30, 2013

Garden Tour

About a month ago I went on a garden tour that was being promoted by the library system in the county I live in.  The book this year to read was The Language of Flowers.
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I copied the picture above from Amazon so the "Look Inside" is not going to work for you.  This was a wonderful book and I think anyone that loves flowers would enjoy it even though the story is somewhat sad at times.  In the back of the book is a listing of flowers and their meanings.  On this garden tour some of the gardeners incorporated those flower meanings in their gardens.  I went on this tour with my Mom-in-Love and another friend of ours.  I think we visited 5 gardens total.  The first picture is of mom and friend on a deck that had Wisteria growing on it.

Friend on Left/Mom In Love on the Right

I have not kept the pictures in order of the gardens we visited and promise not to say a lot more because there a quite a few that I thought might give you some inspiration for your gardens next year.  Love the stacked rocks that were all over in the garden of the first picture.  

This garden had a good size area set up as a fairy garden.  And the gardener's grandchildren each had a building to plant around and decorate.  By next summer I will have 8 grandchildren.  I may have to do this with them.  I better start building some fairy dwellings this winter.

It is hard to see well but the next picture is the complete fairy garden.

Some of the Language of Flowers.

I really think I need a fountain.  This one had so much going on.

The next pictures are from a garden that was acres large.  Rows and rows of flowers.  We did not even walk the complete area.  The gardener had an area that she sold plants out of, but in this area where we found many we wanted she did not want to part with any.  Wonder why?  

I wanted some of this plant.  It is a California Poppy and do not transplant well.  I need to find seed because it is an annual here, but if it does well it will re-seed itself and come up on its own the following years.

Anyone know what the next plant is?

I worked on my shady pathway this summer but as always I did not get as much done as I wanted in our short growing season.  I cannot imagine I will ever have such beautiful gardens but I will not quit trying.  

Blessings from our home in the woods!

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Melody said...

Beautiful gardens. Here we have an Open Gardens Scheme and I love visiting people's gardens, it's always so inspiring.

Deidre said...

just lovely gardens and I love all those stacked rocks! I wonder how they do that?

Deidre said...

Just lovely garden and I really like all those stacked rocks.I wonder how they do that?

Allie said...

So so lovely - I really like the fairy garden, and I do think you should start gardening with the grands! That will spark a love that will last them forever.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Such gorgeous fantasy dream is to have my own gardener. :).

Bee Lady said...

It's a castor bean plant. Poisonous beans but fun to grow. I think I have some seeds. Want some if I do?

Cindy Bee

Shirley said...

Definitely a Castor Bean plant! Short story-My Dad grew them along one side of his patio to shade it from the sun. One day two policemen saw the plants and came to Dad's home. They thought they were Marijuana plants-LOL!