Friday, July 12, 2013

This and That

The pictures of the quilt block I just finished did not show up very well so I am just going to share some things tonight that I have recently taken some pictures of.

The largest moth I have ever seen.  It was hanging on our Webber grill leg by the wheel which can give you an idea of how large it was.  Do you know what kind?  Tell me if you do.

Bluebird eggs.  The mother laid them in one of the lowest with the worst roof in town birdhouse that we have sitting around our yard.  They have hatched, I peeked, but I cannot get a good picture of the babies.  

Grandsons hitching a ride behind grandpa on his way out to water the garden. 

A bumblebee made out of a bowling ball by my middle daughter for me.  It was my Mothers Day  gift.  The Ladybug below that was also made by the same daughter for a previous Mothers Day gift.  I do not think I have shared them before, but I should have, they are treasures.

My back rose arbor is full this year.  

 For some reason I have one branch that is a lighter color of pink.

Grandchildren, a niece that was visiting and a daughter catching frogs out of our back pond.

One of my granddaughters having the homemade ice cream grandpa made for our 4th of July gathering is in the picture below.  Our two daughters with children and a Nephew and his family that were visiting from out of state had spent the day at  Lake Michigan "The Big Lake" as we call it here in Michigan, and then came to our house for a cookout and ice cream.  This sweet girl had gotten water in her ears and had been tipping her head to the side for quite a while when I took this shot.

 The fairy garden my granddaughters put together for me.  I added the fairy and one of my toadstools that my mom-in-love bought for me as a gift.

And lastly, I have been working on a shaded pathway that is wooded and runs through the side yard.  Yesterday while out shopping some of our local barn sales and primitive shops, I found this sweet angel on sale and brought her home to add to the front of the pathway.

The next picture is on the opposite side of the pathway.

Do not know if you can see the hens in the next picture.  I had read it is best to take your outside pictures early or later in the day.  Not sure if that works in the shade.  I have been adding hosta, fern and other shade plants along with some annuals for color.  If I turn my back for a week the woods grows back in and the hens scratch holes around the plants.

This wire basket is standing midway along the pathway.  I usually line it with a basket liner but it had disintegrated over the last couple of years.  So I decided to save some money and just put the plants in individual pots that I already had on hand.  I really like the look and I think they are doing better in the their own containers.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you many blessings from our home in the woods.



Annesphamily said...

I work for an ENT doctor and a drop or two of rubbing alcohol usually will help with water in the ear! She does not want to get an infection so watch her! Precious photos and those bowling ball bees and lady bugs so sweet! HAve a terrific weekend!

Allie said...

Well that moth sure creeped me out, lol!!! Your grand kids are so cute. I LOVE the bowling ball bee and ladybug, how cool, very clever idea!!!Your flower are just gorgeous and I LOVE your newest angel. Hope you're enjoying summer, Brenda!

Vicki Boster said...

Brenda-- your grandchildren are adorable-- they are such a blessing aren't they?!!
The bowling ball adornments are so perfect in your garden-- so creative and unique!

Thank you for visiting my little yarn room-- you are a dear to visit me :)


Rebekah said...

I've seen one of those moths recently here too, Brenda. I don't know what kind it is; but yes, it was huge! Bluebird eggs--okay, there is one thing I miss about my old house, my bluebird Roger who lived in my backyard. Blessed us with babies several times a year. Lost his mate one year with a house full of babies, yet he kept those bluebird babies alive and going. (With the help of my mealworm feeder.)

Bee Lady said...

Oh my gosh I loved this post. All of the summer fun stuff you are doing! I think the moth is probably a Luna Moth. It was probably looking for night time. Without googling it, which I don't want to take time out to do because I will get side tracked onto all kinds of stuff and never get back to reading was probably looking for darkness. I think they spread out at night. Very beautiful moth if that's what it is. I love your shade garden path. I would love to create a path like that through out woods. Probably will never happen, but I love it! Sweet Woodruff is a fun plant to put in a woods garden. I loved the pics of the kids playing by the water...Summer Fun. What great memories that are creating.

Cindy Bee

Debra Oliver said...

How fun to have all the grands around helping out! Your arbor and roses are just amazing!!

Jenny said...







I really liked the rest of the pictures and the bowling ball idea, though!