Friday, March 29, 2013

Farmgirl Friday

This week I am sharing another Farmers Wife Block.  The block assigned to us this week was #41 the Friendship Star.
This has been hubs favorite so far.  I thought I would share a page from the journal I am keeping for the quilt.  I am listing the number and name of each block, adding some samples of the fabric and a small thumbnail picture.
I have never liked my penmanship and when I scrapbook I usually ask hubs to do the writing for me or type it out on the computer to print out for the pages.  I have decided I should use my own handwriting on these pages and I have already found a lot of mistakes in the previous pages.  Maybe I should rethink going in this direction.

For those who do not have this book and are not quilting along with a group or on their own I thought I would give a short bit out of one of the letters to the newspaper that are listed in the book.  Such as the following letter from a mother speaking of her daughter marrying a farmer.

"She will have the best place in the world to raise her children.  They will have all out-doors to play and grow in.  They will learn nature's lessons naturally and normally, without acquiring wrong and oftentimes soul-blighting conceptions of life's wonders."

I was thinking as I read this even though it was written in the 1920's, wouldn't we all love these things for our daughters and grandchildren in this very modern time?

Thank you for stopping by!  Blessings from our home in the woods.

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Tricia said...

Brenda.... I hope you will reconsider about your own script in your little jounral. It gives it a personal touch unlike anything else. If you don't like you cursive... you could print. In mine it shows everything ... all the good and ugly's. I have scribble marks over misspelled words. My son thought it's kind of neat to see "Mommy's" writing. I like the thumbnail picture that you included. Good Job! keep it up!


Bonnie K said...

I love it. Sometimes when I handwrite a card I will do it first on the computer in word so I can check the spelling and punctuation. I love the block.

Brenda said...

Bonnie, I hope you stop back by so you can see that I did try and sent a note back to you. My reply to your no-reply. Lol, I try to do that all the time.
Thank you Bonnie! I think that is a very good idea Bonnie to pre write on the computer. That is where I make of mess of things, when I go back and re-read and find miss spelled words and I get so irritated with myself. Thank you for such a great idea, spell check is our friend! Have a wonderful Easter!