Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Red Sofa

 Thanksgiving has came and went.  I have been busy with family, holiday preparations and new work hours that I have not quite worked out with blogging.  The title of my post "The Red Sofa" came from a picture opportunity, or so I thought, of having all our grandchildren sit on the "Red Sofa" for pictures that I might use in Christmas cards this year.  Mind that this took place after our Thanksgiving meal and the kids had already been running and chasing each other through the house for a while already.  The cousins have a ball when they get together.  Well here are the results.

 Waiting for number 7 grand to join the group.
Grandson number three on the end, not really wanting to do this thing.
Notice Granddaughter on opposite end has the same sweet smile all the way through, as does her sister in the middle squished between cousins.
Our youngest Grandson is teething and a little cranky.
Grandson number two doing a great job along with Granddaughter number one.  They are two weeks apart in age, must be the month and year they were born in. 
Oh my, that was it, the longest this young man was going to sit still and Grandson number one was having a time with the youngest squirming. But still hanging in there is our little blond next to the not so happy Grandson.
All Done!
Should they go in the card?

That is it for now, maybe I'll post some more of our gathering in a couple of days.  Hope to visit a few of your blogs today and catch up.  Blessings from our home in the woods!


Bette T. said...

I'm so glad we got a couple with Ethan where we see his handsome face. Of course they would bless a Christmas card!! Love every one along with you.
Great Grandma Bette

Lorilee said...

Love it. You have adorable grandchildren. We take pictures like that on Christmas as well. Little boys can be themost difficult subjects!

Bee Lady said...

They absolutely should go in the cards. I think they are great! The goofier the better.

Cindy Bee

Shannon said...

I think a picture is best when it shows all of the unique personalities!Good Christmas card:)

Holly said...

This is so cute! I think you should put all of them on a card...photo booth style. It's amazing what you can do with photo's these days!

mrs. c said...

These look like the photos I take at school of my pre-k kids, it's like a little story! Hope that you are ding well, I have had a horrible cold. There is lots of sickness going around in our school. How's the new job hours going? Have a a great rest of the week!