Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am going to tell you the truth, I have not been totally loving my blog lately. I give myself a talking to and decide I will post more often then I precede to post even less often.  And every time I am about ready to pull the plug I decide I have a couple of things to share.  In truth I would rather visit all your blogs than think of something to post on my own.  But is that fair?  So here I am, sharing my stuff, hoping that there is something of interest for those who visit.

I have finally finished hubs afghan.  This one took me longer than any of the grands afghans, mostly because I had become bored with the pattern he asked for since I had already made a couple of them recently.

 Are you wondering about the picture on the wall?  It is a portrait of hubs done by our oldest daughter in one of her GVU art classes.  Hubs loves that old TV show Bonanza and she needed to do some sort of ad in one of her illustration classes.  It is hanging in his office here at home.

Since I was so glad to finish this afghan I ordered some books in from the Library for inspiration for a new crochet project.  I usually have something that I can pick up while I watch TV later in the evening.  I think I will have to buy this book because it has so many projects I would like to make, maybe all of them.

Here is side one of the Stripy Wave Pillow in the book.
I know I will be sorry I did not weave in the ends as I change colors when I get ready to finish it off, but I am just always in a hurry to add that next row of color.  

It's football season!  We have three grandsons playing this year.  Let me tell you it is hard to get a picture when they are on the field.  But here is the oldest waiting  for the kick off.  Number 82.
I say again, I will try and post more often.  I do promise to post a picture of the pillow when I finish it!  And if you crochet, check out the book by Nicki Trench, you will love the projects inside of it.

Enjoy the rest of the week and blessings from our home in the woods!


Melody said...

Your post is very interesting. Your daughters art work is wonderful.

Tilly's Nest said...

Hi there! I just LOVE the fabulous afghan you made for your hubby and the pillow too. I can crochet but would love to learn how to knit. You are truly an inspiration and I hope you do continue on with the blog. Thank you for linking up to the blog hop and thank you for sharing!~Melissa

Allie said...

Wow Brenda that afghan is gorgeous!!!! I have so many afghans that my mum made, I love them. I used to make them too, until crocheting made my hands hurt so bad. Love the look of that book, though, especially the flower basket!

Your daughter is very talented, love the pic she made for your hubby. What a treasure. Enjoy the football games!

Bee Lady said...

Hey don't even think about not blogging! Of course your blog is interesting. I love it. And I've missed you. That afghan is amazing. Great job on it. And I loved Bonanza too. I even know the words to the theme song! Want me to sing them? Okaaay....Here in the west we're living the best, Bonanzaaaaahhhh...with a gun and a rope and a hat full of hope we planted our family treeeeee.....we got a hold of a pot full of gold....Bonanzaaahhhhh, with a horse and a saddle and a ring full of cattle how rich can a fellow beeeeeeeeee..... Ok - I'll stop - but I could go on. AND I even went to the Ponderosa one time. That house they lived in....very small. Especially for four men. About the book, take a 40% off coupon to JoAnn Fabric and get it. It's wonderful. I bought it when it first came out and haven't made anything yet, but I look at it all the time! I'll stop now, and go finish my coffee. Shoulda made this an e-mail instead of a comment. Sorry....

Cindy Bee

mrs. c said...

I know exactly what you mean about posting....I get on Pinterest and end of spending so much time looking at other ideas I do not post myself. At least you have been doing some really lovely work and have so much to show for your effort. I have been so immersed in school and Jeff has not been feeling well that time just seems to slip away. I have not even taken many photos and I am going to use you as an example! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Holly said...

I can totally relate...I'd much rather read what other people are up to than try and write about my typically, not very exciting life! But I do love reading your blog and seeing all your wonderful projects and hearing about your family! Don't give it up!
Just do it when you want to, and don't worry about the rest of us...we'll keep reading!
Aren't there some amazing books out? I check them in at the library and think I should learn how to knit or crochet...but then reality hits and I just can't take on another craft when I can't seem to finish any of my other ones!
Have a good weekend!