Friday, May 18, 2012

Farmgirl Friday

Hello friends!  I do not have a lot to share this Friday because I have been working a few more hours this week and last week I was busy attending to our grand daughters while their brother was coming into the world, which I told you about here.  Before I went away I did get some more aprons made for my sister-in- law's birthday.  In case you have not visited before, I am making all the ladies in my life aprons for their birthdays this year.  My friends are getting work/sewing aprons and our family members are getting aprons to use in the kitchen.  Sew, here are some pictures of the aprons that I delivered weekend before last.  Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the recipients wearing them because they were not home when I dropped them off.
I decided to make this a mother/daughter gift even if it was only the mothers birthday.
It has finally started warming up here in Michigan.  It has still been getting cold in our neck of the woods at night but I decided it would be safe to start cleaning out my flower boarder yesterday.  While walking around taking stock of what came back up and what did not, I managed to pick a few blooms.
There are only a few of these daisy's blooming right now so I was a little stingy when it came to picking them.  The Lupin is wild and grows along the edge of the woods here.
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Have a great Friday evening and enjoy your weekend!  Blessing from our home in the woods.


Holly said...

congratulations on that beautiful new grandson!!! What a blessing! Hope they are all doing well!
Your aprons are adorable and I love the fabric! Once again, you are accomplishing great things!

Allie said...

Brenda your aprons are just adorable, and so well made! I love the fabric. Good job! Your flowers are really pretty, we have none here, so I like to admire everyone else's, lol. Get ready for some heat, they tell me it's coming...yikes....

fuzziekit said...

Oh the aprons are cool. Nicely done. I know that it is warming up here in the mitten... I so can not wait for full on summer. Congrats on the new grandlittle. He came into the world screaming from what I hear. Such fun and wonderful things in life.

mrs. c said...

Oh my stars, that baby is adorable and I am not a big fan of newborns, I think they look like little wrinkled men but you new grand baby is lovely!!!! Love the aprons, that is such a clever idea and every time they wear them, they will think of you! Have a wonderful weekend, our daisies have already dried up because it is sooooo hot and dry. Rain please come to Tennessee!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

This is a really cute apron. I'm going to have to make one someday, everyone has such great aprons.

Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hi sister Brenda!
I just get so tickled to see what you are making in your cute sewing studio! Love the apron and the flowers.. Thanks for sharing with us this week! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Bee Lady said...

Hey just wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog via my phone. I haven't been able to leave comments. That Grandbaby looks PERFECT! When I saw him I just got goosebumps. And I bet those girls are going to spoil him to death!
The aprons are great. What a great idea to make everyone for gifts. I sure hope to do that whenever i get moved. I am starting to set up my craft room. It's going to take awhile though because I have to clean out about three different rooms to get one set up. I'll obviously be getting rid of a LOT of stuff.
And I am not planting a thing. Gardening is taking a back seat this year. Sad but true.

Cindy Bee