Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some snow on Christmas Eve

We got up this morning to a little snow.  Enough to cover the brown lawn and make the trees oh so pretty.
Let the hens out, but they would go no further then where the ground is covered from above and there was no snow.
We have this little Charlie Brown tree growing between some larger trees that hubs will not cut down.  Every year he says it will be the Christmas tree he is going to use in his den the next year.  It has been four years, I think I can keep those woodsy ornaments boxed up a couple more years.
And since I have not been blogging much, and in case you wonder if we are celebrating the Christmas season here in our house, the following are trees that I have in different spaces throughout the house.
In the family room.
Can you see the beautiful picture of my grand daughters taken this year?
In the living room.

In the little cottage inspired  bedroom where I blog.
I have vintage ornaments and little clip on birds that I collect on this one.
It sits in an old dish pan that I did not get enough ornaments to fill yet this year.
I have a few Santa's through the house, here some sit on the recently updated desk.
I have other Christmas decor though the house and I have taken pictures of it also through the month, but I just have not been able to get them on here to share with you.  But I have so enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful decor, it has inspired me for next year.
It is just the hubs and I this evening and Christmas day.  We had the whole clan over last weekend so we are just enjoying our time together and remembering the reason we are celebrating.  Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!  Blessing from our home in the woods.


MelMel said...

Merry Christmas!x

Holly said...

Love all your prettiness!!! And that picture of the girls? first thing I noticed!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Brenda!!
My family came for the first time in over 20 was so wonderful!!
Only downside...achilles surgery the Monday before, so I wasn't able to spoil them like I wanted to!!

Bee Lady said...

Well I am way behind reading your blog. So sorry. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Your house looks beautiful. I think I like that cottage style tree the best. I'm a cottage person. I hope your New Year is a great one.

Cindy Bee