Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

I have sat here for a couple of hours visiting some of my favorite bloggy friends and getting some wonderful ideas to pin to my Pinterest boards.  But now it is time to get busy.  It is Friday Night Sew In over at Handmade by Heidi.

Handmade by Heidi

My choice of sewing projects actually starts from a recent weekend spent with the wonderful group of ladies I hang with whenever possible.  That is me in the center.  Do not like my picture taken and usually move off toward the end or in a less conspicuous spot so I am not sure how that happened.  We spent the weekend at this wonderful lady's cottage.
Receiving a thank you gift.
We did a bit of this.
We did a lot of this.
Took the following picture just because I loved the front of the shop.  Did not go into it.
But getting back to the Friday Night Sew In. I picked up the following patterns and fabrics of which one I plan on working on tonight.  Just need to get downstairs to my work room and make the decision.
A tote for my upcoming trip?
A Christmas gift?
I actually do not have the fabrics for these but I bought them on my girlfriend weekend and thought I would share.
 We also went to a Hosta farm that was inspirational.  Although mine have not been planted yet. 
Enjoy your Friday Night and hop on over to the party and check out what everyone is working on.  Or maybe you might want to join in?  Have a wonderful weekend.  Blessings from our house in the woods.


Holly said...

Love all the projects you've got going!!! That fabric by Sweetwater is some of my favorite!
I've been canning up a storm here too, but no time for quilting...or blogging!!!!
Just wanted to say "hi"!!

mrs. c said...

I am sitting with my laptop, checking blogs and watching a football and a baseball game on t.v. Sounds like a great trip with your friends! Glad you got to go, know you have not traveled much this summer. How are you? My class is slowly but surely getting into the "school groove". I am going to Miss v's soccer game tomorrow morning and watching SEC football tomorrow afternoon. Hope to go and take photos on Sunday afternoon. I have gotten out of the habit, it's been so hot but we actually have weather in the 80's so I plan to take advantage.
Have a great weekend!

Bee Lady said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with your friends. So, which pattern did you pick...the one for you or the one for Christmas?

Cindy Bee

Mama Spark said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at the FNSI! I spent the night out to diner with some friends, which was fun too. I hope to get back to FNSI eventually!