Friday, September 23, 2011

Farmgirl Friday

Good evening friends! It has been a week since I posted so I will just show you a couple of finished projects before I go over to Deborah Jean's Dandelion House to check out what all the Farmgirls have to share this week.
How much more farm girl can you get than a project from MaryJanesFarm magazine.  I have been meaning to try this pattern since I got this issue of the magazine but just got around to it.  Had to look through quite a few to find it, which was not a hardship at all.
Knitted these to pack for an upcoming trip this next week. 
Love the color. 
Last Friday night I was Friday Night Sew In and I was suppose to post what I got finished on Saturday.  Well I did not have the project finished until Monday so I will just have to add it to this evenings post.
Jelly Bag pattern from Bunny Hill
Fabric used. 
I also wanted a new tote for the same trip I mentioned a minute ago.  I thought this fabric made a great fall bag.  I think I can get all my magazines, a book, some knitting and my normal bag stuff in this bag.
This is my favorite tote I have sewn so far.  I think the handles are so cute! 

Since today is the first day of fall I thought I would share this photo.   I walked through my flowers and cut enough blooms to fill a jar this evening.  These are hubs favorites and I did not want to miss bringing some in the house before they were all gone.
Happy First Day of Fall! 
 Hope you will all go over to Farmgirl Friday for a visit here.  I will post Sunday Praise but then I will be "Leaving on a Jet Plane" (sorry could not help myself) and not be back until the following week.  I am sure I will have a lot to share with you when I get back.  Until then, blessings from our home in the woods!


Candy C. said...

Ca-ute slippers! :)
Your tote turned out great, love the colors!
Have a good trip and I'm sure your hubby will enjoy the flowers!

Mel's Designs from the Cabin said...

I make bags too, as you have already seen and made a comment...thank you....enjoyed seening your bag...very much little time...awe....Mel

mrs. c said...

I love that tote! YOu know I am crazy about your flowers....they are amazing. I hope you are doing o.k. and have a great weekend.

Camille said...

Love the pretty flowers and your tote looks like it will really hold everything you need to carry. And love the blue mary janes. That color is so pretty. They look comfortable and cozy to slip your feet into.

Rebekah said...

Have a safe and fun trip, Brenda! Good job on those slippers--I love how you are able to knit them so easily. I can't imagine what it would take for me to accomplish that.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

What a cute tote- it might be a good idea for Christmas gifts this year.

Brenda said...

What wonderful farmgirl friends you all are! Thanks for coming by. Rebekah, how was your trip. Looking forward to a post that tell us all about it. Kathy, I have a lot of new apron patterns and fabric for them. Maybe totes next Christmas.

Mama Spark said...

Those are some seriously adorable slippers! I might even be tempted to actually wear slippers like that. Love your bag, it came out great! Those flowers? Over the top!

Jenny said...

What cute bags!

I love Mary Jane's Farm magazine. I really, really want to go stay at her rustic B&B sometime!

Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hi Brenda! Oh, you did a great job on those slippers and I love your tote and your end of summer bouquet!This was a farmgirl post from top to bottom! Thanks so much for sharing it with the farmgirls today!
Safe travels!


Holly said...

Love, love, love your bag! It's gorgeous!! And the slippers....girl, you get so much done!!!! I've got nothing...nothing fun anyway!! Lots of canning, freezing, working, yard work, but nothing fun. Hopefully that will change soon!!!

Bee Lady said...

Gosh I love the flowers, the vase, the slippers and the bag!
Great job Brenda!

Cindy Bee