Monday, September 21, 2009

What came out of our garden for dinner.

We are trying to clean out our garden. I have to say I am getting tired of canning and trying to think of things to do with the rest of the peppers left in the garden. We still pick close to a quart of strawberries every other day, we have some ever bearers, and we have winter squash that is still ripening. But yesterday we went out and picked more peppers. I picked every Pablano pepper that was on the 4 plants we had.

Then I roasted them so I could peel the skins off.

This is what I used most of them for. It is a Chili Relleno Casserole. You can find the recipe here I am hoping that Ranch Wife will not mind me sending any of you her way. It was really good.

Now Ranch Wife did not have a picture, and I usually need a picture when I cook something new to know I am putting things together correctly. It might not look exactly like this when someone else makes it but I'm telling you it is good. Here is my problem though, I had scoop of this for dinner last night and then another small scoop and then the leftovers went into the fridge, because there is just Jeff and I. Now I cannot have anymore because today is the day of the start of my diet. I had been planning on doing this diet thing for a couple of weeks now so Jeff gets all the yummy leftovers.

I am a short little Gramma, not quite 5.1 and I have put on about 12 pounds this past year that are really starting to drag me down. So I weighed in this morning at 150.8 pounds and am giving myself three weeks to take the 12 pounds back off. I have now told the world, or so I think I have, so there is no turning back.

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PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Here is my confession. I love my garden, but I am getting tired of it all. It is at that in between stage of trying to finish up, but still producing. Our peppers did the best this year out of everything. Good luck with the diet. I hate to watch what I eat. I prefer to exercise, like walking, over giving up my cocoa brownies! :)
Living it up at Lakewood,