Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have not been very creative this weekend, but since I have not posted for a while I thought I would just put in what I have gotten done this weekend along with pictures. Jeff and I drove to Grand Rapids to do some shopping for lawn and garden items that we were in need of. Needed to pick up sprays for our fruit trees and some other needed items. We are hoping this second year, now that we know what to do, we will have some fruit. Although we did have blueberries and raspberries, we also have cherry, apple and peach trees that did not produce. Then it was off to our youngest daughters home for our granddaughters birthday celebration. She turned 4 this year and is pretty proud of that fact. Then after returning home I went out to start cleaning out some of the flower beds. I had already done some raking earlier in spring, but it has been getting so cold at night, I had not uncovered the perennials yet. So I broke in my new gardening clogs that my middle daughter gave me. Cute huh?! As you can see I have also figured out how to add pictures to my post instead of posting them separately. And lastly, I have given my stinky pup a bath. She really goes nuts afterward and ends up looking like a ball of fluff. She is such a digger I have to give her one every other week.

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