Friday, August 15, 2014

Are You Still There?

I have been missing in action here on the blog for so long I will be surprised if any of you are still checking in here.  I would like to say I will post more often but life is somewhat unpredictable for me right now so I won't make that promise.  Over a month ago I shared a birdcage here that I a planted with Sedum.  It hangs in the area the fairy garden is set up in.  I found this little gnome and it sits in the birdcage now. I told the grands that the fairies locked him up.

Then one day I got a note from my good bloggy friend Cindy Bee asking for my address. We met in person a couple of summers ago and I so enjoyed Cindy.  She and her husband are building a lovely home with their own two hands, or should I say four hands?  She sent me this sweet cardinal because she thought it would look good in the birdcage.  Well she is right, it is perfect.  I love it! 

 Thanks again Cindy! You can see the garden tour that Cindy went on  and found this pretty bird made by the artist that owns the gardens on this post by Cindy.  I hope you will visit Cindy at The Bee Lady from Hill Top Farm.

Blessings from our home in the woods!


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Jaimey Bates said...

I love the idea of your bird cage! I just got a bird cage from a friend because I thought it was adorable. No to figure out what to do with it....
I love this idea!

Grantham Lynn said...

I am so glad you decided to come back and post. What a sweet red bird and sweet bird cage. I am following you. I am sure everyone is glad to see you back! Have a good week.

srpprcrftr said...

Somehow I found your blog. Sounds like hubs and I. His hobby is seeing how he can drive me crazy every chance he gets. We're together 24/7 so there are days I go hide somewhere or he goes out side to hide from me.
Your little Scottie is so cute. How old is your dog, is she your baby? We have a dog we rescued, a cat that adopted us in KY and acquired 5 chickens recently from a neighbor of our daughters.
We live out in country west of Grand Junction, CO. We've moved a few times, from San Diego area to 20 acres on lake in MT then to 1 1/2 acres in western KY now here on 1/2 acre in CO. If I had my way we'd be back in MT. Of all places we've lived MT is still my hands down favorite. But hubs says he's not moving anymore and our youngest lives just few miles to east of. They left s.D. in 2004 to move here to buy a house which was impossible in S.D. It's nice being to her/family. Youngest son lives in Grand Junction but we don't see or hear from them. Maybe someday.
Hope if you have a chance you'll maybe send me an email. The days and week sure do fly by don't they? Happy week
If you reply please do so to my email address.

Bee Lady said...

I just now saw this post! How sweet you are...thank you...and you're welcome, again! I love it in the bird cage! You should open the cage door though, so it would feel free to leave if ever it wants to! I have to admit, the house building is getting on my last nerve right now. Or the lack of...I should say. Ever since My Shug got a pole barn he has not been working on the house. (Silently stewing, since loudly stewing didn't work!)
Nice "chatting" the other morning!

Cindy Bee