Friday, June 20, 2014

Growing Up

It has been quite a while since I shared anything on this years new chick addition.  They certainly are growing and today I think I heard more of a clucking sound out of a couple than the normal peeps.  Of coarse before moving the chicks out to the hen house there needed to be some cleaning and I had read that the littles needed to be kept separated at first from the older hens.  They certainly were outgrowing their blue container.

This is how things went for a couple of weeks until some of the littles decided they did not want to be kept in their own area and started escaping when I feed them.

There was a little overseeing going on when they first ventured out to the run.

But I think that they have decided that since there are 15 of them, the littles, over 6 of the old hens they could certainly stand up for themselves.

And then one night a couple of weeks ago I peeked in after dark and found all the littles on the roost with these ladies.

And over to the other side on the food can was this lady that always goes broody every spring.  She is finally able to be the mommy that she always has wanted to be.  I could not snap the picture fast enough but both of these littles were under each of her wings before I disturbed them.

Now if I can just get brave enough to let them all out together to free range.  I am not sure if they will stick with the older hens and go into the run and hen house when I call them in for the day or not.

Blessings from our home in the woods!


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Bee Lady said...

awwww soooo cute! I love the picture of the babies roosting with the adults! And so glad the broody hen has little ones to care for. Kind of what I did when I finally caved in to the fact that I wasn't going to have children. I "adopted" two boys to help raise!

Cindy Bee

Jenny said...

They are so cool.

Love the roosting picture!

Bee Lady said...

Hey check your email!