Friday, October 7, 2011

Farmgirl Friday

I have a ton to share with everyone about my trip but I do not have the time this evening to give any details so I am just going to share a couple of things I am busy with here at home.  I went to one of the local orchards yesterday and brought back apples.
 I will be canning applesauce and apple butter this weekend.  Yum!

Today after work I remembered hubs had told me I needed to harvest the gourds that I grew this summer.  He said the plants had all died and that the gourds were again, as they do every year, weighing down the fencing that surrounds the garden to keep the deer and other garden eaters at bay.  So I borrowed hubs garden tractor and trailer, my smaller one is on the blink, and took a drive back through the woods to get the job done.  Tried to upload a little video of my ride back through the woods but it did not work.  Anyone that can help me with that problem?
I can grow these really large gourds in our sandy soil but I can never grow any of the little pretty decorative gourds to use in my fall decor.  Linking up with Deborah Jean's Dandelion House Farmgirl Friday.  Check out the rest of the farmgirl posts here.
Blessing from our home in the woods!


Lady Farmer said...

Hi Brenda~
Thanks for droppin' in today and for your kind comment!

I have tried to grow gourds, but have not had any success! I really like the ones you grew. Do you make anything with them? Some look like birdhouse gourds!

Your little Ladybug is adorable!


Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hi Brenda! Wish I could come by for some or your apple goodies!
Your gourds are great! We grew gourds by accident once because seeds took root from the compost pile I spread in the garden! We got a wheel barrel full of pretty gourds... Haven't tried to grow them on purpose though, but I love them! Thank so much for your note and for linking up for FG Friday!

Holly said...

Wish we could trade!!!! I grow tons of volunteer decor gourds, but don't seem to get many of the cool ones like yours!!! I did get a few goose neck this year, but broke one in the picking!!!! Love the look of your fence!

Camille said...

I remember going to the apple orchards and cider mill when we lived in Michigan. That apple sauce sounds yummy!

Heidi said...

I just love those gourds. My crop failed this year... a late freeze. The apples look lovely. I hope you get a chance to share your apple butter and apple sauce recipes.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Your gourds are so pretty- I just read a book about someone that grows gourds, lets them dry on the vine and then carves and paints them. I'd like to try that.