Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Mail and Warm Weather

I was actually going to post this yesterday but since I was unable to do that here is my post a day later than it all happened.  Which from the comments and posts I am reading today it is a good thing because it would be gone today. 

Yesterday, I received some great mail.  First I pulled out the package that I ordered from my winning gift card over at Cozy Little House.  The gift card was for $25.00 at Fashionable Fabrics.
The Farmdale fabric, three on the right, is going to be used for an apron.  It will be a gift.  The pink/green fabric was a remnant that I have in mind for a bag for someone else.
Next I pulled out the June/July MaryJanesFarm magazine.
Love this magazine.  I think it must have been the only one I renewed this year because I have not received any others this month.   I pick up the mail at the end of the drive on my way home from work.  When I got in the house I decided it was diffidently warm, no hot, enough to make the first jar of Sun Tea.
After going out to check on the chickens, whom we have given free range this last week for the whole day in hopes of improving their health after this fight we have been having with the feather mites, the tea and the magazine was how I was planning on spending my evening.  Found a couple of the chickens were digging down in the dirt to cool off  and dirt bath.
These girls can dig a hole as deep as our Ladybug can and in just about as short of time too.  I was planning on linking up to Farmgirl Friday but I think all the bloggy problems may have put a damper on the Friday night party.  This just felt like a farm girl post.  Fabric for aprons, a farm girl magazine, ice tea and even a chicken, how much more farm girlish can you get.  Have a great weekend friends!  Blessings!


Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hi Brenda!
Blogger is back up and the Farmgirl hop is on.. I love your farmgirl post and I'm in love with your new fabric...Maybe my June/July issue will come today! Perfect for a cool new England spring day! finished my next beach blog this am so it should be up soon!
Farmgirl wishes,

Linda Stubbs said...

Hey Brenda so good to be able to come visit. Wasn't that just the worst thing? Blogger I mean. I hope that doesn't happen again any time soon.

I so enjoyed your post here and also thank you for coming over and signing up for my party giveaway.

THe news of the outdoor wedding sounds wonderful. My honey and I got married in the rose garden at my in loves fact we are inheriting it this summer......Lord willing.

I am also very happy about having the summer off. I can't decide what to start first!!!!!
Hugs, Linda

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi! congrats on your win over at Cozy Little House!
I'm a big magazine fan myself-- I have to watch it though, they are addictive. I've not ever read a Farm Girl Magazine it by mail only? or can you pick this up on the stands?
I LOVE ICED-TEA! especially in a glass

Nice to meet you, came over from the FG-hop, Pat

Holly said...

Just got my magazine too and am trying not to read it all at once!!
I love all the quilting you're getting done! I'm working on the family reunion quilt from bee in my bonnet. Slow going that applique, but it's going to be cute!!! Maybe 5 years from now, but cute none the less!!

Bee Lady said...

Hi Brenda,

I left you a couple of comments on your last blog post but they never did show up. I was wondering if those were azaleas. We're thinking about planting azaleas all along the front of our new house.

I'm so jealous. I LOVE Mackinaw Island. Look up the Metivier Inn if you get this comment in time. That's where my Shug and I stayed when we went there. So nice. I'm needing a vacay. Wish I could have stowed away in your luggage.

Love the material you got too. They are going to make an awesome apron and bag. Very nice of you to be making so many gifts. I really do hope I can do the same at some point. Right now it just all about moving.

Sorry this is so long. As I've said my comments must have gotten lost along the way of the blogger malfunction.

Have a safe trip.

Cindy Bee