Friday, April 15, 2016

Finish-Along Q2

It's time to get my goal list posted for the second quarter Finish Along.  I was happy that I finished 3 of the 4 projects I posted last quarter and am going to post a longer list this quarter to give myself more of a push forward to get things finished.  I had this quilt top on last quarters list to finish.  I did finish piecing it but did not get the backing bought so I could get it quilted.  Still no backing, but I do still have it on my list.
I have a few wall hangings and mini quilts that I want to get backed and quilted and up on my walls.  This next one is my first sampler wall hanging that I ever pieced.  I think I might hand quilt it with some big stitches, not quite sure.  I think that is what has been holding me up on a lot of these.  The decision of how to quilt each of them.  I have only hand quilted one quilt quite a few years ago.  Others I have tied, more utilitarian quilts, and one king size quilt I made for my one of my daughters I had quilted by a local long arm quilter.
These next two are from the Aurifil mini QAL 2015.  Again I am thinking hand quilting and I already have one safety pin basted.  Probably should start with this one.

Again thinking big stitches on the above mini.
This next quilt was a QAL that Red Brolly had on her blog a couple of years ago.  I really want to finish it for a guest bedroom that I am working on putting back together after having 4 grandsons living with us for almost 2 years.  It is empty and I just need to replace the bed and would love to get this up on the wall.  As you can see most of these quilts have been folded and stacked up so they need a good pressing which I did not take time to do for these quick pictures.
I also have some other sewing projects I want to get done.  There is fabric cut to size for 5 shopping totes that are for gifts in this stack.
And in the next stack is one bag and two wallets that are gifts in different states of finish.
And this bag below I have all the fabric ready to get started and really wanted to get to it last summer but maybe I will get to carry it this year.
The only crochet project I have in process right now is for my sister in law.  I would love to finish it because I am not allowing myself to start another crochet project until I do.
And I always have some vintage things I have bought planning to give them a new life with a coat of paint.  These I have collected to use in my sewing room so I thought I would add them on here at the bottom of the list.  I even sat the can of pink chalk paint that I have planned on painting them with in one of the shelves.
I do wish I did not have any other projects sitting around unfinished but there are.  I think if I come even close to finishing these I will feel very accomplished. And if I can keep motivated through all 4 quarters I might actually start out next year with very few old projects left to finish. 

And of coarse I am linking this long lists of hopeful finishes to:
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Thanks for popping in!  Blessings from our home in the woods.



Budsmam said...

Great set of projects! Love the aurifil mini one, Good luck

Bee Lady said...

Your quilting has progressed so much! I'm not a quilter, but I can see the difference. WOW! I cannot imagine making some of these. They are absolutely gorgeous! I think I would get some good movies, or a good series like Doc Martin or Downton Abbey and finish them this winter. Just do the big stitches in one of those big hand quilt frames (you know what I'm talking about? They are small when you use them for cross stitch) Great job girlfriend!

Cindy Bee

Natural Home Maker said...

What a beautiful batch of quilts you have made. I love them all. I have not made a quilt in years. I keep busy with my Etsy shop and Lyme disease slows me down but it does not stop me.
I'd love to see your next projects. I'll be back.

Marsha aka Marjean sister#308 from MJF

BizarreQuilter said...

wow. you've been very very busy